MINI~MINI~MINI! Mini Flap Thread

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  1. Discuss all thing Mini Flap here! Previous thread.

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  2. Does anyone know how much the chevron mini costs? Not the extra mini..
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  3. Square is 2700 and rectangular is 2900
  4. I really wonder why the chevron so black rectangular mini isn't available yet!! Would love to receive it on the 26th, which is when saks has their triple points event! Have you heard anything, LovEmAll? I gave my payment information to the Saks SA you referred me to... (Thanks again!!)
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    So happy you contacted my SA! She is great! We are going to be bag twins! lol

    Not sure when they will get here...i want the minis to get to Saks already! Lol....growing impatient! :smile:. are you getting the black with GHW?
  6. I'm the first person on the wait list for the black-black rectangular mini @Saks and Neiman. Both my SAs said it will come in any day now.
  7. For all of you ladies waiting for the chevron black on black minis, I'm hoping that they arrive very soon...not like the 14S fuchsia lamb minis that took forever to arrive last year! I waited over 3 months to get mine that I preordered from Hirsh.
  8. I ordered the black on black. What about you? I can't wait!! Your SA was super sweet!
  9. Really?? That's great! Fingers crossed!
  10. Oh gosh, I totally remember the fuschia mini from last summer. I never managed to get my hands on one but I remember all the ladies waiting for a very very long time! Hopefully that is not the case with the black on black!!
  11. Waiting too long, Im just gonna be happy with the M/L blk on blk chevron
  12. FUCHSIA mini the one that got away, im still looking for it :crybaby:

  13. Great! You contacted my SA from the Saks in Chevy Chase? I tried pming you, but your inbox is full. Can you deleite some messages? I am getting the so black rec mini! I can't wait for it to arrive already! :smile:
  14. Is BG getting the black on black chevron mini, square/rectangular/ doesn't matter? I just need to have one. I'd much rather purchase from BG than the other dept stores. TIA
  15. I think the rectangle minis are cute, but how many things can it carry? Or should i purchase a small/medium classic?
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