~ !Mini-Mini-Mini! ~ (Mini Flap Thread)

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  1. This is my post seeking queries about Mini, WOC and E/W:

    And like I said, sunbeamy has some wonderful collection:
    Isn't the red and pink so juicy!?:graucho:
  2. Hi dinitegrity, if u don't mind me asking how much is for the mini and E/W flap, I'm can't make up my mind, I like them both :biggrin:
  3. jenwong, if you read my post, it do not belong to me but sunbeamy.

    The mini flap in caviar is $1850, lamb is $1995
    E/W in caviar single strap is $1895.
  4. ohh so pretty!! i have this interest in the minis this past few months but haven't found the one i'm really sure to get
  5. Oh! your Minis are soooo cute, I want 1 or 2 myself.
  6. Thank you everyone who posted pictures of their lovely minis! ;)

    Latte, I love the Hermes belts too~ :heart:

    It's so great minis are getting some more notice! I just had to make this thread~ :biggrin:
  7. Does anyone know if there will be any new colors coming out for the 10 S/S season?

    I'm so tempted to get a black lambskin mini right now (vintage ones), but I'm afraid chanel might come out with some gorgeous colors later....
  8. Here's my black caviar mini flap fitting change wallet, cellphone, lipstick, diaper & wipes:
    & it looks like jumbo for my lil DD :p

    I believe the current WOC has longer chain than Mini flap

    A few more references about the chain length:
    32" - Naked flap (Drop: Single-15.5"/ Double-9")
    43" - mini flap (Drop: Single-21")
    44" - 07A DS reissue 225 (Drop: Single-21" / Double-11.5")
    49" - WOC
    49" - Camellia flap
    50" - 08P Navy reissue 227
    50" - 09C white reissue 227
    50" - 09P blue caviar jumbo
    55" - 09C red caviar jumbo
    60" - 08A gray lamb jumbo
  9. Your black caviar mini matches your dark silver change wallet so well!
    Now I'm considering getting a change wallet, too.
    Your DD looks ADORABLE w/ the mini!

  10. ^^^ cute cute dd!
  11. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!
    What a beautiful little girl!! Eeeeek!!! :nuts:
    I LOVE how she's posing with the "jumbo!" lol :heart:

  12. latte, thank you so much for all the comparison pics! it's so helpful! :tup: i've been wondering just how "mini" the mini is! :p

    ceci, your DD looks adorable in that pic!
  13. ceci!! I love coco (saw that in other thread of her)!!
  14. Fashionphile has it :smile: Not sure if u wanna go thru a re-seller but I actually just saw a Beige Mini on their website for $1450!
  15. But that was delicate lambskin. Do not think the price is appealing as fashionphile do not under-declare value hence if any interested in their products still have to pay their own country's tax which adds up rather get a new one.
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