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  1. You are most welcome! Best of luck!
  2. south coast has a lamb black with silver hw mini-like. Its a small square and has two openings. I dont know what its called.
  3. Has anyone seen a patent grey or royal blue square mini anywhere? TIA! :smile::smile:
  4. Hi I'm a little confused with what square mini came out this season and am hoping someone can clarify. I know the square 2 hole mini was brought back this year and I have been looking for it in original black caviar in SHW. I have called everywhere and places either only have lamb with GHW or black caviar but in the suede/velvet leather. What is worst is the SA that I've talked to in different stores didn't even know the difference between the original/iridescent caviar versus the suede/velvet caviar.

    I thought I had found it in Saks in LA in which I asked the SA if it was the velvet caviar (which I don't want) and he told me that he actually has the iridescent. I was super excited because I want either the original or iridescent- doesnt matter which to me. I bought it and it arrived today and lo and behold, it was the velvet caviar.

    Was the original or iridescent black caviar in SHW even made or sold this year? Some people on this thread said they bought it this summer but it makes me wonder if they were referring to the original or velvet caviar. Thanks for clarifying in advance!
  5. Wow we are bag twins! :p
  6. Great bag! I love the color. Congrats!
  7. May I join the club? :wlae::wlae::wlae: *:dothewave:

    Ohhh... I really need to down side my everything to fit my stuff in it

  8. [​IMG]
  9. Congrats on your new mini! This color is :loveeyes:!
  10. Hello,
    Does anyone know which stores in NYC has the rectagle classic mini shw or woc ghw in cavier black? I live in Toronto and going to NYC next week. Im staying there for only 3 days. I really really want to get either one :crybaby: Should I make a call to reserve it?

    please help me:help: thank you !!
  11. I am not sure if the rectangular Mini in black caviar is available. My SA from Saks NYC says she has not seen or heard of one in quite some time. I am not sure if this is true at the other stores though.
  12. it looks cute! the blue looks stunning and shiny. it looks like u can stick all the essentials in there. :tup:
  13. Thanks for the info. Do you know how I can find out the stock of mini rectangular classics? I tried to call several stores in NYC and all of them told me there is none. I just felt they were busy or annoyed :cry:
    I'm wondering which colors are there...
  14. If anyone's looking for patent minis there's 1 light sky blue patent, 1 blueish turquoise patent available in Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza. I believe there's also a rectangular mini classic, not sure if it was snapped up by the lady i saw looking at it. Just got the last royal blue mini in stock!

  15. Already revealed, but here is my December 2012 purchase:

    13c red x-mini!
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