~ !Mini-Mini-Mini! ~ (Mini Flap Thread)

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  1. wow,i love this color,could you share the sa info?
  2. Anyone still looking this is still available contact Mae @ (619) 301-5698 she is from NM. Good luck! :smile:
  3. There is also a light pink patent mini heading out to CA....
  4. BG has the square mini in black and the rectangular mini in patent light pink & silver.
  5. I love minis so much!
    IMG_0988.JPG IMG_0989.JPG
  6. today I saw a beautiful pink RGHW mini! gorgeous, really wanted it, but the leather strap in chain, was coming apart! it wasn't even glued!!! so I passed on it and got the black patent instead. I bet if I used it for 1 month daily, it will completely fall apart! I would need to staple the leather today!!
  7. wow! That sucks! Both are good choices but I can't believe the strap was coming apart. You will be able to use black patent everyday without worry :smile:. My black patent mini and I just came home from eating out!
  8. yours is good so far?
  9. yes lol but I've only had it for a day. I used it to do some window shopping at the mall :smile:
  10. make sure you take care of it. It's gorgeous! I told my husband if I get it, I'll need clear glue to glue it myself! ... or my son can do an art project with me.
  11. love! so beautiful!
  12. If you had to choose between the quilted woc or mini which one would you go for?
  13. I like the mini
  14. My sa told me theres a red caviar mini coming to the store for the fall collection. I just got the light pink patent mini but should I exchange for the red?

    I love the white and the patent attracts lots of small dust particles and I m afraid of the white thread turning black.. But white is a nice color and great for the summer. Advice please?! TIA
  15. Ugh that's a hard one to answer! Both are such beautiful colors. Let is know with what you decide, I'm curious
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.