mini - mini lockit!! *pics* SO CUTE!!!

  1. [​IMG]


    it was sold to a VIP at LV opening party in Tokyo..... i so want this!!:drool: :heart:
  2. OMG...that is so cute! I want!!
  3. OMG that is soooo freakin cute:nuts: DAMN why do they only make these for VIP, it's so frustrating. Just like that mimi alma they had. Uuh why do they torture us mere mortals (non VIP) like this:crybaby:
  4. That is so cute, it's unreal! I would love to have a complete collection of miniature bags like that.
  5. It's adorable!!!
  6. It's super cute!!:heart:
    I NEED one!:lol:
  7. soooo cutE!!! love it lol
  8. How cute!?!? Gorgeous!

    But what in Gods name would one do with it? Use it to store scrabble letters?
  9. do you know how much it sold for?
  10. Adorable! :love:
  11. oooohh.... 2 cute!:heart: I want one!:crybaby:
  12. It was something like 1,200$ at the VIP event in Canada.. it's a little pricey. I love that it has a patch on the inside with the font stamp.. sooo cute !
  13. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  14. OMG its' so cute!!! but the price tag isn't cute at all..
    I wished LV sell it to us as a keychain for below $200 price range..speedy, alma, lockit, noe..I don't mind to collect those..
  15. Wow I love IT!!!