Mini Mini Bucket Bag Reveal

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  1. Years ago I was obsessed with this brand and owned several bucket bags but sold them all after the bucket bag trend died and I’ve regretted it since. I had to meet with a few clients a few months back and they sported the mansur gavriel lady and bucket bags! It just reminded me of how chic and beautiful this brand is. So I finally bit the bullet and got the mini mini bucket bag in FLAMMA after years of lusting for it but holding off due to poor resell value and it’s being a passing trend.

    Anyways lesson learned. Buy what you love. Don’t buy or sell for passing trends or future resell value. Bags are NOT investments. I don’t want to hear about how you can resell your chanel and hermes bags in great quality, years down the line. Invest in stocks, business, real estate, an extra degree. No shade to anyone lol

    Pictures! It’s been a good few years since I bought a new bag and I almost forgot that thrilling feeling of having a new staple piece in the closet. Definitely a color for the summer

    The Mini Mini size is surprisingly big. It’s more of a small size than a mini IMO

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  2. Beautiful bag, congratulations! Stay safe out there :smile:
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  3. Lovely! And I agree: buy the one you want or don't buy at all. Take care!
  4. Beautiful bag - simple and elegant, but not boring one bit. :tup: Congrats!
    And you're absolutely right, buying what you love is a great rule. Profiting off of reselling handbags should only be a bonus and never an incentive to buy a bag in the first place. That's really not what they're for.
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  5. It looks gorgeous, I'm into red bags just lately. I have the mini mini in black/ ballerina and I love it. I've had it since about 2015 I think I think. Don't use it all the time, but when I do it makes me happy. Took it on holiday to Portugal last year, Lisbon. And I went shopping one day. Was in Loewe and the SA in there said she liked my bag. :flowers:
    I never buy bags for resale value as I always try to buy what I love. If I love it I don't care if its on trend or not! Anyway enjoy your beautiful new bag.
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  6. Cute! MG red is so classic. If you love it and use it often, it's worth it. I also like your cell phone case!
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  7. Lovely. Can you please share what fits inside and how tall you are? I had a mini in moss color that I sold last year and now I also regret it. But it was a bit boxy and your mini mini looks like a better size
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  8. Such a beautiful bag! I love your message too. After worrying about whether it was still 'trendy' or not I've bit the bullet and ordered the mini for my new work bag (when we can go back to work that is...). Super excited to get mine and happy to see people are still out there appreciating this simple but beautiful style!
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  9. Love it! It looks great on you and the red is gorgeous :heart:
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  10. Thank you!
  11. Yay! I'm excited for you! The mini is a great size
  12. 5'6. I can fit my mini LV Wallet, LV Pochette Accessories, Car Keys, Sunglasses, a few random items such as lipgloss, card holder, ect.
    It expands quite a bit the only downside is the depth. I would say I could fit the same amount of items into the mini mini as I can into the Gucci Soho Disco Bag. Hope that helps!

    Yeah I had the mini size years ago, and I agree on the boxy-ness of it. The smaller sizes are much easier to deal with
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    Love your new bag

    I also adore everything you've said about bags in general, especially since it's from experience.
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  14. Love your bag!!! And totally yes, we should all buy what we love and see if it fills a need for us personally.
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  15. Beautiful bag! I also own a Mini Mini but in Saddle. Mini Mini can be worn crossbody so it's a lot more useful than the Mini. Mine still looks brand new after 2 years! Surprisingly no visible scratches.
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