Mini Me's

  1. I dont have any MINI's, but I am soon to purchase one! Please post pics of your mini bags!!! They are just toooooooooooooo cute!
  2. c'mon where are the mini classiques? and twiggys? modeling pics!!
  3. I don't have a pic of her alone, but here is my teal mini twig w/violet MU and pistachio first :love:

    I'll add modeling pics once I've lost all my baby weight (it may be a while! LOL!)
    Mini & MU 002.JPG Mini & MU 001.JPG Pistachio 014.JPG
  4. Is That Twig An 07 Aquamarine?
  5. Nope, the twig (which I actually just sold to help fund the pistachio there) was an 05 teal.
  6. Here's my '04 Mini Classique:


    Here is what i carry in it: a mirror/hairbrush, LV Cles with Ipod Nano, wallet, lipgloss, perfume, car/house keys, mobile phone.

    Here it is compared in size with my '05 First:


    Here i am wearing my Mini:

  7. [​IMG]

    04 Eggplant mini classique! have yet to use it.. cos my wallet is too big :p
  8. The mini classiques are adorable!
  9. They're so gorgeous :love:
  10. I know it's not the most popular style bal bag because it is so small and people have written that they would prefer to use a First than a Mini but i love my Mini Classique! I used her last night when i went out for dinner and all i really needed was my wallet, a hairbrush, lipgloss and phone. I'd definitely love another Mini Classique, i'm always on the lookout :search:
  11. I love your comparison photos of your anis mini classique. The leather on your anis is beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. :tup:
  12. Wenthy, beautiful eggplant mini classique! I would love to see a photo of Abowron's anis and your eggplant together.
  13. :tender::girlsigh:Roxane, i adore your collection of Mini's:love: