Mini Me/Mini You

  1. I have been meaning to share this for quite some time, but keep forgetting. Need a neat gift idea for someone special?

    How about a custom action figure doll of yourself or that special person? It takes about 4 weeks and some of them really look great. They can even make it talk. They are a bit pricey, but neat.

    I once saw something like this for much, much more in the NM Christmas Catalog one year. Take a peek when you have time.

  2. Thats so cool! I've never heard of doing that before. Wow if only I were younger I could have played with mini-me's instead of Barbies.
  3. I've seen this on TV. A little pricey is right but what an orig gift!
  4. haha That would be the most narcissistic gift ever! Look honey, a little me for you... It would be kinda cute if you had a couple made, though. I would probably display that on the dresser!
  5. this is cool i luv thing like this
  6. I think that's a total riot - it would make such a fun gift!
  7. I want one of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol, but I'd ask them to make me a little more, erm, well-endowed. :P
  8. ok isnt that a bit spooky? hehe .... to be playing with .. er .. yourself? LOOOOOOOOL

  9. Do you think the Catholic church would qualify that as a sin too???:biggrin:
  10. hehe might be ;)
  11. Thats funny! What a cool business idea
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