Mini Marcie vs. Gucci Soho Disco

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  1. hey yall! kinda going through a weird phase w my collection as of recent and am considering letting my gucci soho disco in black go in favor of a chloe mini marcie crossbody in tan. i need a good casual bag, so the pebbled leather in both is good, but i find that the soho disco isn’t all that realistic for my lifestyle because i don’t carry that much day-to-day. i also am not the biggest fan of the sagging in the spot where it hits the body. on the other hand, i’m worried about possible color transfer on the marcie and i don’t like the black as much. what should i do?
  2. or nut, but either way a nude tone!
  3. Nut is a beautiful neutral color. Love it. I had a mini Marcie in nut for a year or so and I never had color transfer problems with it. I wear jeans almost daily. It’s a good leather. (I sold it because it just didn’t carry enough for me. The Disco was a better option and I prefer a zip closure.) Marcie holds less than the Disco so it might work for you. If you use the Marcie daily the base of it kinda loses its structure. It smashes down a little bit but it doesn’t show much when wearing it. I always stored mine laying down, not standing it up and I kept it stuffed. Have you considered keeping your Disco and buying the mini Marcie too? Yoogi’s occasionally has them and at a fair price, sometimes around $550 or so. I’m not a fan of the mini Marcie in black either. To me, nut is the best color. All in all if you don’t carry much it sounds like the mini Marcie would work for you.
  4. hey!! thanks for the input. it’s good to hear that the nut shade didn’t have any color transfer for you! i also had heard the marcie does smush in a little like the soho disco bc of the pebbled leather, but it doesn’t seem to be as noticeable on the marcie. i think i would have to keep just one bc i’m not looking into expanding my collection too much... i’m leaning towards making the switch just bc i have the gucci marmont camera bag in dusty pink, but i think i do need a casual black bag.
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  5. another question i have if you don’t mind - did you leather condition or treat the marcie in any way?
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    No I didn’t but I almost always do treat my bags with Collonil waterstop spray or Cadillac leather conditioner. I didn’t treat my Marcie but I didn’t have problems with it. I’m not sure why I didn’t treat it and didn’t think about it until now. If you wanted to treat it I don’t think either one of those could hurt especially the Collonil Waterstop in case it rains it’ll give it some protection. I got mine on a Amazon. It seems to me the Marcie leather is pretty durable and a good quality leather. It’s a quality bag especially at the price point. The hardware is quality too. Mine never showed scratching or tarnishing.
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