Mini Marcie arrived..disappointed

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  1. After a lengthy delay for delivery due to the postal rotating strikes, my long awaited mini Marcie in cashmere grey is finally here.

    Quite disappointed that the piping is already chipped...
    Does any ladies here know a good leather sealant for taupe coloured edges? I have edge kote but only in blk and doesn’t seem that they have any shades close to the bag sealant.

    Leather is buttery soft and stitching is beautiful but for what it’s worth quite sad that the piping is chipped.

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  2. Why do you not return it?
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  3. too good of a black friday deal to pass ;)
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  4. Um this may sound a bit harsh but i cant believe you would return a gorgeous bag for something i needed to zoom All the way in to see! You know this edgeing is hand painted as is much of the structure of the bag is put together by hand. The place you bought it can probably get it patched up. Do ladies these days examine their bags with a microscope? Cos so often there are threads like this and in having to bring out my magnifying glass to see what you're on about. People forgot how to enjoy their bags. Its a strange mentality we're seeing these days.
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  5. Sorry this happened, please call the store you bought from, explain your issue, and request a replacement or an offer to fix it free of charge. Good luck!

    That looks like a pretty big chip in the glazing though. It is not a big deal but for a brand new bag you shouldn't have a literal chunk of the glazing missing. Marks here and there are different and I know of the threads you speak of. But this is definitely a bigger issue worth posting. A piece of the sealant is basically gone and this allows the edging to come off more and more from that point. This isn't hand painted issue but seems like an issue that came up afterwards. The store should definitely replace it or fix the item.
  6. I would still call the store. You're not asking for a refund--just an undamaged purse. If it was clearance or as-is, that's one thing, but this is unacceptable.
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  7. Never did I say once I was intending on returning my bag...was just looking for quick fixes.

    But thanks for your 2 cents...:P

  8. They have offered a 10% discount for me which I've accepted. I went to my local leather store and found a sealant to seal the missing glazing. I actually had gotten the bag during Black Friday sale and given that Canada Post was on strike, I received the bag much later than the usual expected delivery timeframe. During which the bag all sold out...or else I would have chosen an exchange. But like I said, it's fixed now and that's all that matters. :flowers:
  9. I was offered a 10% further off for the missing glazing. Like I said to previous poster, due to the Canada Post strikes I received my purse much later than the expected delivery time frame (1 business day VS 10 business days) and during which time the purse sold out (it was at a great price!) Had it was still in stock I would have taken the exchange.

    I have gotten sealant to cover the missing glazing. :smile: All is good.
  10. True you weren't and i jumped the gun. I'm sorry. I always look for a way to repair as some bags you want in a HG colour or style just cant be replaced by store. We can always try to find another way before we look at returns. I received a paddington years ago in a metallic blue. Its a truly amazing colour but one of the rivets was missing. Anns Fabulous finds wanted me to return the bag but i went to a well known cobbler in Melbourne and he fixed it. Even went through the bag lining to repair from inside and re-stitched it back up, you cant see the stitching or which rivet was replaced. AFF even sent me a refund for the cost of the repair. The colour really is amazing.
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