Mini Manolo family

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  1. I have caught the Manolo Blahnik bug waaaaaaaaaay after Sex and the City. Didn't realize I loved their sandal styles so much (CL for pumps :graucho:)

    Here is my small MB family. Purple snakeskin is called 'Shirala' and the orange patchwork is 'Mancia'. Both are from S/S 2009. Thanks!


    Used to have a silver Sedaraby but returned them to Barneys because they were too big (usually TTS 35 but for MB d'orsays have to go 1/2 size down)
  2. Both are gorgeous. Congrats. How about some modeling pics?;)
  3. I saw the patchwork one in pump form,gorgeous!
  4. Love the patchwork sandal! I had my eye on these as well, but I'm strictly a platform girl (short legs, you know) so I never bought them.

    Wear them both in good health!
  5. :heart: the Mancia. I saw one in pump type on someone and it's gorgeous!
  6. Both are gorgeous!
  7. Beautiful!