mini majorelle? anyone hear about it?

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  1. I just went to holt renfrew at yorkdale in toronto to see the majorelle. They only had black patent in the medium size so far and I thought it was way too big for me. When I told the SA that he showed me their catologue and informed me there would be a mini majorelle. Does anyone know if this is the small version that they just called mini or if it is actually smaller because their were no measurements. Also, it came in different colours, sort of a metallic green and pink.
  2. Oh that sounds so cute...but I know nothing about it
  3. I saw that IRL in the YSL Singapore. It's tiny IMO. If you go to the YSL website, they listed the med majorelle in ivory patent, look at the dimensions. I believe thats the size for the small which is the mini you saw. The funny thing is Saks has the medium Majorelle listed for a totally different size but same price. That's the one you saw that you thought was too big.
  4. I've saw a "very small" Majorelle in crackled gold leather at a NM recently. It's very small--definitely an evening bag, not an everyday bag.

    You could probably put in some keys, a cell phone, lipstick and a small wallet is my guess. It's cute but I don't think it's "special" enough to "splurge" on since you could probably find a similar looking evening bag for a lot less $. But that's just my opinion!
  5. I like the sound of that! It sounds like a good sized smaller bag, especially with the wide width.
  6. The mini in gold is $1095.
  7. I wonder if they would have one in larger size? I love the design, and the ivory one, but the size seems to be a bit small
  8. I just bought a mini in gold. It fits a continental wallet, cell phone, keys, lipstick easily. The medium is too big. The gold is definitely an evening bag.