Mini Maggie vs. Small Julia

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  1. I totally need to decide on which style will work better for quick errand, date night, etc. Have not tried either on IRL and need advice from those that have.

    THANKS! :biggrin:
  2. I have the small julia in berry and I totally love it! I needed to add some smaller bags to my collection because of a shoulder issue that flares up for me sometimes and the first one I got was the julia. I love that it holds quite a bit for a smaller bad and it has a pretty generous drop length for a smaller bag so you can put it on your shoulder if you want too. I think it's actually 7 inhces I might be wrong though. The maggie is so cute I love it but I think the straps are shorter. The julia leather is so nice and soft too. I want the small julia in silver now because I think it would look great for nights out!
  3. I like the small julia. For small bags, I own a small zoe pouch but now i buy convertible shoulder/crossbody small bags instead. It's best of both worlds.
  4. I've been eyeing the small Julia for date nights too!
  5. I have also had my eye on the berry julia.