Mini Mac VS. Mini 5 Zip?

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  1. I've been looking through my collection for the past days and have been wondering which style of the mini's is better than the other. Recently, I've found myself thinking about purchasing a mini mac in the same color as the one I currently have in a mini 5 zip.... But having the same color of bag in a similar style is what is stopping me. Frankly for me, I can't seem to decide which style is better... The Mini Mac or The Mini 5 Zip. What do you think? Which style reigns supreme over the other? :smile:
  2. Hehe for me I prefer the mini 5 zip as it gives off an edgey vibe which I love! Also the zips on the mini 5 zip is more accessible and I can store more stuff in it!

    For mini mac, the clasp is kinda annoying to get to so I usually don't use that smaller compartment which leaves me a smaller space to put in my stuff!


    However for the regular size 5 zip and Mac, I'd prefer the mac design. 5 zip in regular size just looks too weird!
  3. Thank you for your input! You are right though, the mini zip does look more edgy which I really enjoy :smile: Oh but they are both so gorgeous hehe

  4. I just bought my first RM bag in January and now I have 6! I have 3 mini 5 zips and 3 mini macs...I'm obsessed! I have the 5 zip in almond and am thinking of exchanging it for the Mac...I just feel like with all the zippers it's a lot going on on such a small bag and I may get tired of it. I can't make up my mind! So I guess I'm no help in answering your question cause I can't decide either! lol.
  5. It's so addicting isn't it! I currently have 4 mini zips, 3 mini macs, 2 mini Elles, 1 Hudson and I only started Last August. It's like candy, it's crazy! I can't make up my mind between the mini mac and mini zip either! I love zippers but I also love the lobster clasp! :woot:

  6. Whoa *waves* I also got 7 bags of RM since Jan.... 😂😂😂

  7. OOHH, you have a mini Elle!! How does the size compares to the mini mac and the mini 5 zip?? That's one in my wish list for sure!
  8. It's definitely bigger than a mini mac and 5 zip. It's boxier. It's petite but it can fit a lot of things. One thing though is that it is heavier than the mini mac and zip and you can't take the long strap out, but I use it with the long strap so it doesn't matter to me. I have to say among all my RM's, The Elle is my favorite :hbeat: But alas, I still don't have the one mini Elle that I want, the iridescent!

  9. Awesome! Now I want a mini Elle, mini cupid and the swing!!!! HAHAHAHA!
  10. Yes! RM is so addicting! :blush:
  11. I like the mini 5 zip significantly more than the mini mac.
  12. I don't have either but I prefer the style of the mini 5 zip.
  13. The 5 zip because for me the more pockets the better.
  14. You read my mind! I feel exactly the same way about the two in the two sizes.

    I have a mini 5 zip and several regular MAC...the functionality of these two in these two sizes just wins. It's the little things :smile:

  15. Yay high five! I'm considering selling off my mini mac and getting a regular mac because it's just not very practical to have a bag that has only one assessable compartment :sad: