Mini Mabel is here

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  1. My new minimabel arrived late last night. I have to collect her at the supermarket. The postoffice and supermarkets cooperate in Sweden and sometimes the posts goes to supermarket. I was so nervous after seeing the note that it arrived before I had time to pick it up.

    It is beautiful, I like the leather a lot. soft and easy to carry. It is handheld for sure, and perfect for days when I don't carry so much.
    But surprisingly enough I even manage to get it over my shoulder when having only t-shirt, so in summer I think I can manage to carry it handheld or shoulder, with a little effort.

    But I don't think it is my kind of evening bag. I think it is too big for that. I need a smaller one for that. Might looking at LV evening bags, think they have some small nice ones.

    Looking on the new collection small shoulderbag mabel I started to think I might made a misstake buying this and that I might have choosen a shoulderbag in black instead, but the more I looked at mine and compared it with the shoulderbag the more I liked mine. There is something about that sholderbag that makes me love it in first sight and after evaluating it, thinking it looks a little odd.

    Conclusion, I am more than happy with my find, and I :heart::heart: my new bag.


    Sorry for not changing clothes before taking pic, At home with cold today, so I don't look my best. Anyway since I am a realy short person I think the mini Mabel looks almost like a medium one on me. Or shall I say like the Medium ones use to look at people that are longer than me. I like that a lot.

  2. Lovely classic bag! Congrats!
  3. Lovely!
  4. Very cute Salikons.
  5. Congratulations :heart: I love the black mini Mabel. It really grows on you, as well. I didn't like it AT ALL when they first came out. Then I really tried it on and quite liked it. Once I brought it home, I liked it more. When I started using it, I really loved it.

    I like that it just about fits one of those tiny umbrella things in - I never normally bring one of those out with me of an evening.

    And of course, it's so cute to use in the daytime :tup:
  6. It looks fabulous Salikons! I'm so glad you love it as well.

    Congrats and enjoy!
  7. It looks totally perfect on you - what a great buy!
  8. Salikons, I really love your mini Mabel. Perfect for daytime and I really think it would look good for evenings out too.
  9. Lovely Salikons, really love the mini mabel
  10. Very cute, nearly bought in fuschia the other day ... looks great on you!
  11. such a lovely size - looks great on you - its a real cute one! congrats!
  12. That is really cute Salikons, glad she is a keeper, great size!
  13. Its a lovely bag Salikons, looks great on you!
  14. Oh congratulations Salikons, I'm so glad you love it. It is a lovely bag and looks great no you. I agree it would be great for a nice summer's day!
  15. Fab little bag Salikons. It looks v elegant.