Mini LV Shopping Spree - Gifts for me

  1. So I left work at Lunch today to go to LV amd pick up my items. The LV store did not receive any Houston's which I really wanted so my SA had to have one overnighted for me so that it would arrive today. (thank god it was there by the time I got to the store)

    Anyways... I got the amarante Houston and Reade and a pair of flip flops in the monogram denim.:yahoo: I :heart: the vernis color on the big bag. I think its so universal. All I have to say is ladies if you are contemplating the new color I think it is a must.:tup::tup: Also..their was like barely anything left. My sis who lives in Houston went to go pick up her stuff and she said people were buying the color like crazy.

    I also saw some pictures for some fall bags and shoes. I love alot of them. (More than any other brand I have seen so far)
    Untitled1.jpg Untitled2.jpg Untitled3.jpg Untitled4.jpg
  2. Oh I totally forgot to mention that the Reade PM is not even for me. Its for my sis... I told I would give it to her as her graduation gift for medical school.
  3. Congrats! This new color is so gorgeous!
  4. Wow, beautiful bags. Your sister will be happy with the Reade is gorgeous. Those sandals are super cute. Congrats on all your purchases!!!!!
  5. Congratulations! They are all very beautiful pieces!
  6. OMG! IT's stunning. Congrats! Please model it!
  7. beautiful! congrats! you're such a sweet sister.. she'll love it for sure :smile:
  8. congrats! they all look gorgeous!
  9. Mini Shopping Spree? That would be a major one for me. LOL!:p Everything is beautiful. And you're a super sister!
  10. wow...congrats!!!
  11. Very nice, congrats!
  12. Gorgeous bags!
  13. Congrats! I can't get over that color. Gorgeous!
  14. Gorgeous color! Congrats! I have to get one soon... :drool:
  15. wow thats a shopping spree!! congrats on your amarante!