Mini Luggage - still cool [emoji41]?

  1. Bumped into this gorgeous baby just now... Should I bite the bullet? I've defected from the Chloe and Balanciaga threads, so I'm new to Celine bags. Was originally going to purchase the Cabas phantom but saw this. Do you think it still has the edge ? Don't seem to see many people carrying the mini size anymore. Does it look too big on me? The SA said this is the 'improved' version and that it is lighter than the original version. I'm torn....cause I already have the Bal work bag and the Chloe large Marcie, but the Bal is getting a bit worn cause I've had her for almost five years now. Help me decide please lovely bag lovers! IMG_1495103381.468632.jpg
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  2. I really love the color. I still see Celine's floating around and hey look amazing! I don't think they've lost their edge at all. As for sizing, it's a personal choice. I love the micro and not the mini but if you love it buy it!! Your the one who will be using it. No one else. Hth :smile:
  3. I love it on you, I say go for it.
    Here in NY I see a lot of ladies still carrying this bag. I think a classic never goes out of style.
    this store has some nice stuff on bottom shelf, what store is this?
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  4. This is in Hong Kong. We have so many of these handbag consignment shops, at a discounted rate as well!!! This bag has my name written all over it, hasn't it?
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  5. I personally love the mini size!!! Yes, it is a bit heavy... But I definitely still think they are on trend. I still see many women using this bag here in Los Angeles...
  6. I think the Mini Luggage has become a total classic! I live in a big city and I still see A LOT of them. People still really love them.
  7. Yeah still cool
  8. I have a micro size and I still use it all the time. For me, it's a classic.
  9. It says your name. I would say go for it!!!
  10. Wow! Love the color.
  11. [QUO="lotusfeet, post: 31351259, member: 522325"]This is in Hong Kong. We have so many of these handbag consignment shops, at a discounted rate as well!!! This bag has my name written all over it, hasn't it? [/QUOTE]
    You need to buy this bag!
    Its perfect for you.
  12. Get it ..It looks great on you plus the color is perfect
  13. Love the bag, and love the color! If that sticker says 25% off I say DO IT!! Or at least I would if I were you LOL
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  14. Did you bite the bullet? :biggrin: Currently asking myself the same question about the micro!
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    YES YES YES, proud owner of my first Celine Luggage! Thank you all for your advice! But I bought another colour! I browsed at the same shop but in a different location. They had a deep blue colour and I knew immediately she was the one! The grey one just looked a tad too big for some strange reason and the colour wasn't spot on for me. The SA told me this was from the 15/16 ? Winter collection. Can anyone please tell me her colour? I had to filter the photo on the iPhone to capture her true colour. I luv her and can't stop bringing her out to look at her, she is absolute perfection. Wondered what took me so long to defect! Been bitten by the Celine bug! I'm already looking at the Belt and the Troutter as my next target! Yes, get the micro, it will be a staple to your collection, can't go wrong with a Celine! IMG_1495294724.322959.jpg
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