Mini Lou camera - please help me pick a colour!

Which colour?

  • White

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  • Dark Grey

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Apr 19, 2015
Hi everyone,

I'm just about to purchase the mini Lou camera bag. I'm torn on these two colours: (white and dark grey)

SmartSelect_20200712-071735_Samsung Internet.jpg

For the white, I'm worried about colour transfer. I also just purchased a Coach Cassie 19 in chalk. I'm not sure if I need two white bags with gold hardware.

SmartSelect_20200712-071843_Keep Notes.jpg

I don't have any in this exact grey, but I own a silver Ted Baker and a gunmetal Vince Camuto crossbody, but neither have gold hardware.

SmartSelect_20200712-071851_Keep Notes.jpg SmartSelect_20200712-071901_Keep Notes.jpg

Thanks in advance for your help!
Apr 19, 2015
While the white in the mini lou is so beautiful, I think you’d get more use from the grey. It’s four season and does look gorgeous with the gold hardware. And you won’t have to worry about dirt/color transfer.
Thanks! I think you're right especially since I live in a city where summer usually only lasts 8 weeks if that and we do have a lot of gross days with snow, rain and slush.

The white is just so beautiful. I may just have to add a second purchase to my wishlist down the line. :lol:


Aug 30, 2019
I have one in black and it is beautiful but the chain is very yellow gold. So in White it looks absolutely beautiful in white or in beige color!!!!!
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