Mini Lou Camera Bag - new colors

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  1. I am planning on getting a mini lou camera bag.. it is so adorable.

    My question is, does anyone know if or when new colors will come out? I noticed in addition to the gold hardware options, there is also a black on black and a croc embossed with silver hardware.

    I’d love more options with silver hardware..
  2. Hello, it is a lovely bag :smile: I ordered 2 of them, one with a gold hardware and the second one is black on black. I will keep only one and I must admit, it is very hard decision to make :biggrin:Here is a picture of both bags.

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  3. Thank-you! Those photos are great!

    Do you know yet which one you will keep? I actually went to my local store (an hour drive away) and the sa didn’t show me the minis, despite me asking. I felt the regular camera bags were too big for what I wanted. The minis are perfect! If only they had more color combinations..
  4. I’m in the same situation .. I ordered both.. but don’t know which one to keep... I have the the sunset in GHD... and a collage in SHD .. so I’m leaning towards the black on black... but the GHD is so stunning ‍♀️
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  5. Oh why does it need to be this hard ;)
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    I'm looking for this bag in black with silver hardware, not sure if it's available. The black/gold it a bit too flashy and the black/black doesn't have enough of a contrast. Black with silver would be ideal.
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  7. What did you decide on?
  8. I agree :smile: