Mini Looping Yes or No

  1. Hi There, trying to decide if I should sell my mono mini looping bag. I havent used it in awhile and I was wondering if those of you that have it, do you LOVE it? I dont want to regret selling it later. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have a Looping MM, and I am planning to sell it. I was crazy about it when it first came out, but I don't really like it that much after awhile...:sad:
  3. i have the mini looping as well as the Looping GM - I love both!! The mini looping is great when you don't want to carry a big purse around, something small to take to church, dinner, the bar, etc....I love mine, I would hold on to yours!!
  4. I also have a mini looping and love it. Probably my most frequently used bag because the size is perfect for me - small enough as a going out bag - but also large enough for a day-to-day bag.
  5. Mini looping bag is one of my absolute favorites! Easy to throw over my shoulder, and holds the basic necessities of life without having to scale down for something smaller.

  6. i think it's super cute but for me, it's not big enough.

    don't sell it.. you'll use it some day.
  7. It's a cute bag, but I've heard that it doesn't hold that much stuff... so with that said, I would sell it, IMHO.
  8. If you don't use it often then you probably should sell it.
  9. I don't love the Mini Looping... it's too structured IMO, and the strap hurts the shoulder. So I'd sell it.
  10. A friend of mines bought the mini looping some time ago and I remember her saying that she hardly uses it because the straps hurt.
  11. My friend told me that too. So she doesn't use it anymore after taking it out just a few times.
  12. i have the mini looping and the strap hurt in the beginning but now that i've had it for a while it's really comfy since it's broken in. i still like this bag a lot and still can't part with it.
  13. oh dear, mine has been sleeping in the closet since i bought her awhile ago. maybe it's time to break her out from the closet??:ninja: