Mini Looping vs. Speedy 25 which is better

  1. I am just wondering between the Mini Looping and the speedy 25 which one is more functional and practical for everday use. The SA told me that mini looping's handle will twist after a long use. I just needed opinions as far as style which is the better choice. The Looping can be carried on the shoulder or on the elbow the speedy can only be hand held.

    I want to get one before I go on the purse ban and price increase.
    Thanks a bunch
  2. IMO I don't like the looping style. Love the speedy!
  3. I much prefer the Speedy!
  4. speedy hands down!
  5. speedy 25. although the handles are susceptible to darkening quickly, so make sure you choose your hand lotions carefully.
  6. My daughter has the mini looping and never wears it because the rolled handle hurts here shoulder unless the bag is almost empty. It also can't hold nearly as much as the speedy. Pick the speedy - you will be able to wear it much longer.
  7. The speedy! I was debating this question a few years ago, and got feedback from the friend that the strap of the mini looping is not so comfortable.
  8. I have both bags and I like both for different reasons.

    For capacity, the speedy can hold a lot more than the mini looping but it's handheld which can be difficult if you're shopping. I bought a strap for my speedy but returned it coz I didn't like how it looked when worn with a strap.

    The mini looping IMO is a cute yet functional bag - you can use this bag for day and night. It's big enough to hold my wallet, mp3plyer, agenda, keyholder, cles and there's still room for make-up compact. I've had it for 3 years and have had no problem (no twisting) with the strap - it's stiff at first but will soften and mold to your shoulder with time.

    good luck with your choice but IMO if you can only get one and you don't have a speedy yet, go for the speedy
  9. I'd choose the speedy!
  10. I prefer the Speedy. I had really enjoyed handheld bags before, but it holds so much and feels so natural to me now.
  11. Grt the speedy. Its so cute, roomy and chic. I can also be carried on the elbow.;)
  12. speedy =) so classic
  13. Speedy for sure!!
  14. The Speedy is a lot more practical, however with the Mini Looping, it can be worn as a shoulder bag and can be worn on the crook of your arm.
  15. i love my speedies! and they hold so much, you'd be surprised what you can pack into a speedy 25.