Mini Looping vs. Recital


Mini Looping vs. Recital?

  1. Mini Looping

  2. Recital

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  1. Which one: Mini Looping or Recital?
  2. recital it's hot and timeless...
  3. Mini Looping will hurt your shoulder!!!!
  4. I love the look of the Mini Looping over the Recital.
  5. I have a mini looping and I haven't had the shoulder problem that everyone talks about...I either have buff shoulders or don't carry too much in it.

    I think the Mini Looping carries a little more than the recital.
  6. I like the Recital better!
  7. I like the Recital over the Mini Looping because I like that the Recital's strap is not as stiff and unyielding as the Mini Looping's and I love the foldover closure of the Recital -- no one is getting inside that bag when it's on your shoulder.
  8. mini looping. i have this and i dont have problems with achy shoulders either. i usually have my med agenda, wallet car keys and a small bottle of water.
  9. I think mini looping is very cute.
  10. Recital- Looping's shoulder strap sounds like a torture device :p
  11. recital
  12. I vote for the recital too:heart:
  13. recital..l
  14. Recital!