mini looping vs klara

  1. I plan on getting either one after the holiday season, but Im not sure which. They are about the same size no? Im really petite (Im 4'11''!!!) so I know they will fit on my shoulder well, just which one will give me the least discomfort, since Ive read complaints on both with the straps. Thanks for your help!
  2. i would pick the klara because it's LE so not many people have it, and i like double-strap! :smile:
  3. i've never really liked the mini looping... i think i also read somewhere that it wasn't very comfortable on the shoulder after some time. but klara is a gorgeous bag. it is more unique, and less common.
  4. i don't like the Mini Looping, and i have the Klara :P. get the Klara because it's discontinued now and it's a lot harder to come by :yes:
  5. I adore the klara.
  6. I'm not sure what the Klara looks like but I do have the mini looping and it does hurt your shoulder after awhile.
  7. I have the Klara and I adore it. It's cuter than the mini looping (which I think it's a more mature look). When I got mine back in May, there were only like 30 something left in the whole world.