Mini Looping => serial number inside??

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new on this forum.
    I recently purchased a second hand LV bag (the mini looping) and I noticed that there's no serial number inside. Is this correct? I can't find good pictures on eluxury or on the official LV site. I also noticed that there were quite a few spelling faults in the care book. Should I be worried?
    Thanks for answering my questions!
  2. after searching this forum I found the date code, it's inside the zip-pocket. Should I be worried about the spelling faults in the care book still?
  3. I have the mini looping just got it actually and mine is located in the inside pocket. Hope that helps a little? :smile:
  4. Oops, I think I was writing mine as you posted your second post. lol

  5. hmm, spelling errors are strange indead. Moreover I thought Monogram Canvas items usually don't come with a care book :confused1:

    where exactly did you get your bag? if it was an eBay auction, do you still have the link?
  6. I just got mine from elux and I didn't get any sort of care book with mine. :shrugs:
  7. Yes, you should be worried. The Mini Looping does not have a zippered inside pocket and does not come with a care booklet.

    BTW, welcome to the Purse Forum!
  8. No inside zippered pocket? I bought my mini looping a few years ago at NM, and it has a zippered pocket...I know mine is real, but from what you just stated makes me wonder....I know NM doesn't sell fakes!:confused1: