Mini looping or popincourt? Need your advice!!

  1. Hi girls! Im new here and I would really appreciate your expertise. I have a Batignolles horizontal and a damier speedy for day wear. Now I want something for the evening.
    Which of these do you prefer most? Mini looping or popincourt?
    Tks :yahoo:
  2. Mini looping I think is more appropriate for evening, but I prefer the popincourt. :tup:
  3. Personally, for evening wear I think the looping has more refined, less casual lines. Th Popincourt looks more casual to me - although I love it more. If you don'y go out too fancy it would be fine.
  4. Hmmm....I like the looks of the popincourt more, but the looping is more for evening, I guess.
  5. I agree with everyone ^^ looping would be more appropriate for evening wear, but i do love the style of the popincourt...
  6. i loveee the popincourt :biggrin:
  7. For evening, I guess the Mini Looping would be good ... unless you want handheld, then go for the Popincourt.
  8. welcome!
    i think popincourt could be do-able for evening ...
  9. Popincourt all the way!! But Mini Looping probably better for evening... :confused1:
  10. Popincourt! I love this bag, I find it so unique - the mini looping looks just like any other bag to me...
    Regina :smile:
  11. popincourt it is for me!
  12. OMG, Popincourt Haut definetely.:party: :tispy:. Small and cute enough
    to use for that > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>^
  13. Go for Poppincourt. It s more interesting!:yes:
  14. i like the popincourt more :yes:
  15. i love the popincourt the shape is just so unique and pretty rare. i hope you choose this one!