Mini Looping: anyone have this bag? Opinions?


Jan 29, 2006
This is the LV that's always caught my eye, but for whatever reason, I've never bit the bullet and purchased it.

What do you think of this bag? I like its lady-like shape and proportions.

I own the LV looping bag (check out my showcase for pics). Contrary to belief, it is actually very comfortable because the strap becomes soft and forms to your shoulder from wear. It's very comfortable and roomy.

However, I did encounter one problem with this bag. The fabric began cracking after wearing it off and on over a year and when I sent it back to LV to get repaired, the said they could not repair it because they would have to replace the entire pannel of Monogram Canvas--meaning I would have to purchase a new bag. As you can understand, this royally pissed me off because when I purchase a handbag for $500+ I expect for it to be well made and if something happens--for the designer to own up to the flaw. As a result of this, I have not purchased another LV--although I know many people really take pride in LV's quality.

On the other hand, I purchased a Kooba bag and a grommet fell off and stitching came unloose and Neiman Marcus sent me a new bag pronto! I guess from this I've learned to buy bags from Nieman Marcus because they take responsiblity for the quality of bags they carry at their store.

Hope this information helps you and does not discourage you from purchasing the bag--but maybe thinking before buying from LV.


Jan 22, 2006
I used to have the mini looping but ended up selling it on ebay b/c the shoulder part slid off and when you hold it under and put your arms down, the bag gets squished and loses the shape unless you have it packed. Therefore, it doesn't look nice and conformed as in the pics. So I used to hold the handle by hand, but it's a bit too long for that. Same problem with the papillon 30. I'd like to hold in under shoulder sometimes, but it'd be too round and get squished. But the papillon looks nicer when held by hand or you can hang it on your forearm. Been a lurker, now officially a poster as of early today....anyway, HTH!