mini locket, mini spedy

  1. hi there
    I really need your opinion. I have the opportunity to purchase the mini locket or mini speedy , the key chain style that is suppose to be available to vip costumers, it is really cute but the price is sooo high, I am thinking it really is a waste of money, I mean a speedy 30 costs less!
    I figured I should just pass, do you all agree!!! Please be honest
  2. They have a few available in the boutiques. I had a mini speedy on hold yesterday at my boutique but let it go. I believe retail was $965.:yes:
  3. I know, the price is steep. I have not seen it in person, Have you?what can you tell me about it. Why did you change your mind?
  4. in france they are avialable to anyone they are jsut being sold on the shevles. i think they are really a waste of money, they are small usuless and ridcoulsly expeinsive for what they are,, if i was you i would get a bag instead.. but you asked ot be hoenst thats my opnnion
  5. It is adorable IRL. Like I said before: If I was a woman and if I had the money, I would get it!!! It would look soooo cute hanging off of any bag!!! :biggrin:
  6. it's a total waste of money in my opinion.

    but if you have lots of money, why not?
  7. There was one on eBay yesterday listed for $1895 or something ridiculous like that.

    It's cute. That's about all I can say about it.
  8. I do agree it is really a waste of money! I think I just wanted you guys to validate my opinion. Thanks
  9. gosh.... if i could afford to throw $965 on a keychain I'd get it!!! They're gorgeous!

    I guess you'd just have to really think about if the money could get you something else that you'd love better. If you know you'll regret letting this opportunity slip...and you can afford to miss the $$$, then Go For it Sista!
  10. Yeah the price is out of control. Unless youre a multimillionaire or a huge collector, theyres no point to getting it except to sell it, and its a risk.
  11. The mini Speedy so cute - reminds me of my mini HL! If you have the money, go for it, but you'll get more bang for your buck for a full sized bag.
  12. it's so darling!!! if only I was really rich or won the lottery...
  13. its def expensive but sooo cute i would buy one if i had that much money to waste on a keychain
  14. cute, but for the price, i'd get another bag