mini linen in dune... when is it going to be released?

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  1. Is it going to come in the bucket style?

  2. Yes... I think there is a wait list. I'm on it and have not heard anything yet.
  3. I want to see it!
  4. id die for a bucket!
  5. come in speedy 30 inches
  6. i think 30 is cm?
  7. yup, 30 means 30 cm :smile:
  8. Launched for the 1st February I thought! Perhaps a bit late! I think Minilin Dune will be the same as the one used for Nimes sneakers for men.
  9. ^No, I was told end of March/beginning of April...depends on how soon Paris ships the items...
  10. I cant wait for it to come.