Mini Lindy for F/W 2019!

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  1. Saw these pictures online from the latest F/W collection, anyone may know about the price point? This is so adorable!!!


  2. It look great in the catalogue. Sorry not here to offer the price. I saw it on another HLover, it’s much smaller than I expected, and I stand for corrected, but the shoulder strap also looks shorter, so much so than than I expected. The person who carried it was definitely a petite size.

    I would love to see this bag to appear on the ‘ you Hermés in action ‘ thread though! I sure the size will fit many petite girls.
  3. I thought there were already some discussions on this topic somewhere
    Very looking forward seeing this
  4. The bag that you saw is most likely a fake as this bag hasn't even gone into production yet. :thinking:
  5. Was going to say the same.
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  6. Only if the sales of Hermes doesn’t care and still as keen to serve her! Yes, I saw it in a Hermes boutique, when she was collecting her birkin, she was carrying the mini Lindy. And, yes, surely not to offense a long term customer sometimes the sales don’t want to point it out... actually some items we saw from fashion show is already in the boutiques too.

    Which boutique? Sorry, there is really no point of answering this,I didn’t take a photo of her bag and it doesn’t matter whatever... hope someone will post her bag in action in the future, hope the OP will do if she buys one!

    Happy shopping!
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  7. This looks so nice I can’t find it anywhere tho boutique or online... how much should it be for and when is it doming out ? Anyone know ?
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  8. I’d like to know that too! Price and photos and release date?
  9. My SA says the mini Lindy's have been ordered by US Boutiques already and will arrive in coming months so Hermes is ramping up production as we discuss it. On a related note, I've visited and purchased in boutiques around the globe and one thing I've noticed is the Asian Markets, especially Japan, are ahead of the inventory curve, vis-à-vis: they sometimes get new items before the Western Markets. Somebody's got to be first, right? Perhaps this is how @Lovebb12 encountered a mini Lindy already?
  10. That's great news! Can't wait to see the mini Lindy in a few months:cool:
    Thank you for your intel!
    Did you SA know what colors it will come in?
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  11. It's offered in a few bright colors and many of the classic colors. I own four Lindy's already, all of them in "sensible" colors. The idea of a mini in a bright color has me all wound up!!
  12. Yes!
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  13. How exciting!! I think I will want them all:nuts:
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  14. This is the cutest little bag, love it!!!
  15. I live in an Asian country, so I'm hoping it arrives on my shore (or a close neighbour's) soon enough! I am obsessed with the Lindy, and love small bags (my L30 seems a little big for me) so a mini Lindy is a dream come true.