Mini Lin....

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  1. does anyone know if they will be making a pochette in this line ?
  2. I don't think so.
  3. will be cute..I don't mind mini lin papi
  4. ^^ now that would be nice :biggrin:
  5. I wouldn't mind a smaller mini lin bag either!
  6. Maybe in a few years...?? I hope they do, I love Mini Lin IRL!
  7. do we know what kind of bags they ARE going to be releasing in mini lin, soon?
  8. That would be so cute!
  9. i would love that!!!
  10. Nope... otherwise someone would have spilled the beans already... :sneaky: :whistle:
  11. maybe next is permanent..
  12. That would be so pretty but I don't think they're going to. They would've done it by now, no?
  13. I am going to fantasize about that for a bit.
  14. That would be verrrrry cute!
  15. Will someone post a pic of mini lin, I'm wondering if that was the long blue alma I was so in love with on Let Trade, is it cloth and small logo? sorry for being a newbie (Still, after all these months)... and $$$ haha