Mini Lin

  1. Permanent or seasonal?
  2. Permanent.:biggrin:
  3. Yay!! I want a Speedy 30 eventually! :smile:
  4. Permanen and YAY for that! I love Mini Lin!
  5. I love the mini lin too!
  6. Seriously permanent?
  7. Yes!!
  8. Thank you soo much, I'm gettin on the Christmas

    It will be my first LV
  9. Yes, with another color coming!
  10. Will they be doing a 25?
  11. Permanent...and I heard they are going to release new styles depending on how well the line does
  12. I saw mini lin in person last week, I was very tempted. It is gorgeous and very classy.
  13. Definitely permanent. You could never go wrong.
  14. really...which you have inside tell...please:yes:
  15. The new color is "sand", if I recall correctly.
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