mini lin

  1. I just ordered the monogram mini lin speedy 30 in ebene from elux and can't wait to get it! I think it's gonna be fabulous! I haven't noticed a lot of posts about mini lin on here so I was wondering, who has some and what do you think of it?
  2. Congrats..there are some posts about it if you search LV forum..
  3. My Mini Lin Boulonge was sent back to elux about two days after I received it. The fabric pulled away (3/4 - 1") from the leather piping at the top about 24 hours after I began carrying it. I was told it was "quality control" issue. I was going to have them replace it but changed my mind and went with another LV.

    Honestly...I absolutely ADORE the Mini Lin line and was pretty bummed when this happened.
  4. hmm i've had no problems with my mini lin speedy yet...
    but then i've onli used it twice...
    i guess i should start using it more to see if its gonna turn bad...
  5. I saw the bag in my store awhile ago and I must admit, I thought it was cute. I wouldn't buy it but I'd like to get a keycase or something from the line. Maybe the billfold wallet.
  6. i bought it and i love it, but i haven't start using it yet, uhm.. people who had already used it for awhile, can u tell us how it is? is it aging nicely or is it all ripped and stuff already?
  7. what does 'quality control' mean?

  8. I think th Mini Lin line is cute, but I don't know if I'd buy any of it.
  9. I have the Boulogne and cles and I love it. It is similar to the mono mini line but this is made from linen.
  10. I have carried mine EVERYDAY for almost a month now and have had No issues with it. It has been rained on, rubbed against concrete, spit up on (my one-year-old) and more!?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I have purchased a couple of other bags during the time of my mini lin purchase and I haven't even thought about switching!
  11. I saw the mini lin in LV. I looked at the speedy but the fabric seemed thin to me so I passed. It was very pretty though.
  12. Congrats.
  13. I saw the Mini Lin IRL last weekend and my bf commented that the pochette cles was the loveliest! LOL.

    Edited: Congratulations on your purchase, by the way! :yahoo:
  14. i have the mini lin bucket but im returning it for a damier belem's a great bag but i just feel i'd rather spend 1k on canvas...but just my opinion!

  15. congratulations~