Mini Lin

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  1. Does anyone know what colours will be avaliable for the mini lin collection? Anyone know what kind of styles will be out? will be the trapeze be out again? ( i really want that bag!!! ) Are there going to be new styles? thanks alot everyone :heart:
  2. Well it'll be just that one shade - super dark brown background, and yeah the logo all of it.

    The one's I can think of at the top of my head: Petite Bucket, Speedy 30, Boulogne, Sac Samur, and I think there is one more... (can't remember) haha but yeah... and then yeah there will be the accessories... Zippy Wallet (not Organizer) and Multicles too...and there are some other one's... I can't remember at the moment... ha.

    Anyone else?
  3. thanks :idea: but i really wnat the pink again in trapeze or the light you know if pink will be out again? :love: thanks alotttt:heart:
  4. I heard that it will be out late September, or at the end of September.

  5. You pretty much nailed it. I saw the one sheet on it a week ago and I thougt I also saw a Cles, I might be wrong. I'm on the waiting list for the Speedy 30.
  6. aww too bad theres no speedy 25...
    do u guys know how much the 30 will cost?
  7. [​IMG]

    It's in this color scheme...but in a lighter fabric...
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