Mini Lin

  1. After seeing the pattern on a few pairs of shoes this weekend at LV I am dying for a Mini Lin Speedy! :upsidedown: Am I right in thinking it is going to be in either black or brown like the shoes? I was wondering if anyone knew what size(s) it will be offered in? Is it coming out in October for sure? Any info on this bag would be appreciated! :flowers:
  2. Mini Lin speedy only come in speedy 30. It's the only size my SA showed me from their "bible"

    I don't think I will get mini lin speedy unless they make speedy 25. It will get so saggy..waayyy saggy compare to damier or mono speedy (unless it has sturdy lining)

    I am itching for damier azur speedy. The waiting list hasn't start yet for damier azur and the SA doesn't know much about it yet.
  4. Does anyone have pix of the mono lin? I just can't seem to find any...
  6. speedy


  7. Thanks so much for the info! :flowers:
  8. WHOA WHOA! what is the name of the bags in the second pic???!?!?! is that satin multicolore?!?!?!??!?!?!?! I want!!!!!! :hysteric: anyone know anything about these bags??? price? when it's gon come out? ...etc???
  9. Are you sure it's a 30? From the pics and the proportions of the tabs with the bag makes it look like a 25? Maybe it was 25 in the pic but they intend for a 30?
  10. I love this bag! Any idea what's the price?
  11. Haha! Exactly what I'm wondering too!
  12. OMG... i can just say MC SATIN???? GIVE ME!!
  13. Maybe! I'm also wondering since the trim on the shoes is patent, will the handles/trim on the bag be patent as well? It would be cute if they matched. :love:
  14. Does anyone know what the prices are going to be?
  15. I think $700..