Mini Lin, Which do you like better and why?

  1. I"m not a big fan of the bucket, or at least have'nt been. I used to have a petite Monogram bucket and just could'nt get into it. So i returned it.

    For some reason i'm drawn to the Mini lin bucket but still unsure. So i'd like to share your thoughts on this.
  2. Ok for some reason this was supposed to be a poll but didnt end up that way.

    I'm just wondering where you like better the Mini Lin speedy or bucket and why?
  3. Speedy!

    Can't really explain why, it's a personnal choice only based on the looks of the two bags...
  4. Bucket. I like the look of mini lin bucket for some reason.:yes:
  5. I like the speedy because of it's classic shape!!
  6. I like speedy but I have nothing against bucket at all
  7. the small Saumur, next on my list
  8. i prefer the speedy. i just don't like the shape of the bucket, regardless of which line... except maybe epi is ok.
  9. hmmm I guess its a matter of trying them on.
    I love the speedy because i love the style. But i'm drawn to that bucket and no idea why... Can you have both ?
  10. This was definitely one of those pieces I needed to see in person and one someone before loving it, but the Mini Lin bucket is really a spectacular piece! :yes:

    I was lunching and saw a woman in a casual black suit with one and it went very well with it. So happy to see they're making more pieces to compliment black :yahoo:
  11. I love the speedy and am dying for the samur. i tried it on the other day- so fabulous!
  12. You know I love them all. I saw the bucket on someone and it makes me want one...but I'm only getting one right now and I'm pretty sure it's the speedy. I sold my mono speedy, but this looks so different from that.
  13. I usually am not into the bucket shape but it actually looked really good in the mini lin print!
  14. i have the mini lin bucket and it's one of my favorites!:yes:
  15. yeah I like the look of the mini lin bucket, the speedy looks good too