Mini Lin vs. Damier vs. Monogram?


Which bag do you prefer?

  1. Mini Lin Speedy

  2. Monogram Speedy

  3. Damier Speedy

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which bag do you prefer?
  2. i like the Damier best of all :yes:. the Mini Lin is really nothing to titter about, and the Monogram is much too common and overrated
  3. Hang on a minute! I thought you were getting rid of stuff, not buying more!:P I would pass on all of them but if you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE one, go with damier!
  4. Nope not planning on buying, just trying to strike up conversation :biggrin: I'm for sure on a ban until my 5K wedding dress is paid for!
  5. I voted Mini Lin since Mono has been around a long time and I am not a big fan of Damier.
  6. Totally agree with Sandra. I personally do no like the Mini Line just because the material is so flimsy and looks a lil cheap to me. Damier is so verstile!
  7. Im sorta falling for the mini lin. Esp in the speedy. Esp if you want a rich chocolate brown bag. i cant decinde what my next speedy shoud be, Damier or Mini lin so i guess im no help.....:confused1: truth be told they are all great
  8. 1. Monogram
    2. Damier
    3. Mini Lin
  9. Monogram.:yes:
  10. i like both damier and monogram but i voted for damier coz it's worry free. i don't like mini lin at all...
  11. Damier Speedy.
  12. Neither, try considering the Epi...
    But... maybe a Damier???