mini lin vs damier canvas

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  1. I'm now down to the mini lin and damier canvas with regard to my choices (I really like the monogram canvas but i think the patina will be bothering me in the long term especially if it turns out badly).

    Is mini lin water repellant?

    Which of the two is low maintenance but very classic and chic at the same time?
  2. Both Damier and Mini Lin are low maintenance AND classic and chic. If you have pets or like to wear fuzzy sweaters, the Mini Lin may pick up some pet hair/fibers. It is easily fixed with a quick lint roll. I love both though.
  3. The care booklet for mini lin says that it has some sort of protectant to it. I LVoe the mini lin very much and my SA says that in time the linen blend will make the fabric shine a little bit to acquire a really nice look. The damier though, it being vinyl, would resist water. I have a golden rule that for anything Louis, it's best not to get them wet. Goodluck with your choice. I'm sure either way you would LVoe your new Louis. :tup:
  4. I love the mini lin, I have the speedy in dune and I am going to get it in ebene, Damier is wonderfull and so low matienece. You cant go wrong with either.
  5. I have the Mini Lin and I love it. I love that there is no Vachetta and you still get the LV monogram. It is vey low maintenance. I have no problem with pet hair at all.

  6. I love both, you could not go wrong with either choice.

    BTW, damier is not made of vinyl, it is a coated canvas. I carry mine anytime it rains, and it still looks brand new.
  7. damier canvas!:tup:
  8. I don't have anything in Mini Lin yet but I think it is very chic, classy, and elegant. I wish they'd make more bags in this line!
  9. I have & love both Mini Lin & Damier. And I honestly cannot choose between the 2. They are both classy, understated & easy to care for.

    For me, the Mini Lin is dressier while the Damier is more casual. Maybe that will help your decision process a little?
  10. :tup: I still choose Damier :wlae:
  11. thanks for posting this torn between a mini lin bucket and the marais as well...i think i'll get the mini lin...
  12. Damier, definitely!
  13. i like the both. i have the damier speedy in 25 and i plan on getting the mini lin ebene this fall. if i had to choose between the two i would pick mini lin i think is more feminine than the damier print.
  14. Is it true that mini lin fabric develops "pills" that attach and you must pull off?

  15. No- mini lin is linen fabric which has natural "pills" and whatever "pills" it has when you buy it it will not get any worse with time.