mini lin speedy..

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  1. i went last night to the boutique by me on long island to look at it, and it really is BEAUTIFUL :love: some things i am worried about, i want this handbag to last a while, would it fade? in a few years would the fibers be fuzzy? my SA told me that she hasn't heard anything yet but that they don't know because it's only been out for a short while.. She said that she would doubt Louis Vuitton would make an impractical fabric combination. BUT she told me that even though it's scotch guarded and i can reapply it myself overtime that if God Forbid red wine spills on it there's really no hope left :crybaby: .. did anyone go into a boutique to purchase this bag and walk away from it and pick something else out? Also I was told by my SA that I can exchange something from Eluxury at the boutique :yes: does anyone know if it is the same price if it is an even exchange or would I have the pay taxes too? I live in NY so I didn't have to pay any taxes from Eluxury, or if the bag is a tiny bit more would I have to pay taxes ? Thank You!!! :heart:
  2. I have this bag, DH bought it for me for surprise gift .I still love it very much.Nothing wrong with it just yet but I only carry it 5 times at the most.
  3. yes! isaw your picture in the visuals thread, its so pretty :smile:

  4.'s pretty bag and not too common looking..I thisnk you should consider it.
  5. I've carried it almost constantly since October. It still looks awesome and I'm not careful with it. In previous posts I've mentioned some of the horrible things I've done to it LOL (fallen off a table, stuffed in a hockey bag, etc.)

    I switched to my Damier Speedy for 3 days and missed my Mini Lin so much I switched back today. Awesome bag! :love:
  6. It seems like a durable bag because there is not patina, the only thing maybe to be worried about is a spill.
  7. I wonder can you spray something like shining monkey on the mini lin?? Has anyone done that?
  8. christine...I would double-check on what the SA said about exchanging an elux purchase at the boutique. I thought I remembered reading you couldn't do that.

    I have seen the mini lin in person and it is gorgeous - the color is amazing!
  9. i loooooove mine, i've gotten tons of compliments on it and i've barely had it for a week. it's a great, rare bag! i hope it lasts me a long time :smile:
  10. i love my mini lin also! i dont' know why ppl hate it, i used a couple of times but i was really harsh with it, so i think it will last for a really lonnnnnnnnnnng while
  11. i have this bag and have used it for about 2-3wks straight. My kids have played with it, dragged it across the flor, dropped it off the bed, I even used it out in the rain (from the mall to the parking lot) and so far it still looks BRAND NEW. I have no problems with the material at all. Plus the handles are super soft