Mini Lin Speedy

  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm new here but have a question already. A friend of mine is travelling to Belgium and I've begged him to bring me the Mini Lin Speedy! My question is what color is Ebony (please don't laugh)...
    Thanks and I will post some pics of my loot soon!
    PS I just found this site and I'm so excited!!
  2. WELCOME!!!!:flowers: :flowers: :flowers: Min Lin only comes in one colour at the moment and it's dark brown. You can see some great pics in this thread courtesy of Syntagma.:yes: Oh yes do post pics when you get it!;)
  3. It's basically a dark chocolate brown...
  4. it is such a pretty bag, i am also thinking about getting it as well. i wish that there are more colours to choose from.