Mini Lin speedy

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  1. Hi ladys I need some help! Well my DH said I could get a handbag, but I'm debating between a fendi spybag, or the Mini Lin speedy, so my question is if the Mini Lin is LE? (I'm still a virgin to LV)he he :biggrin:
  2. Mini Lin is not LE. The mini lin line comes in brown and grey (correct me if I'm wrong) and it was discontinued last year. There was a Mini Lin LE Cruise line in 2007. You can check the Reference Thread for more info!
  3. Thanks so much I'll look into it!! :biggrin:
  4. There will be a new Mini Lin line released this spring. It's in the Spring/Summer 2010 threads in the Reference Library. It's very nice!!
  5. Thanks so much 19flowers, I saw the collection do you know when it comes out? :biggrin:
  6. Yes there is an old mini lin line that was discontinued about a year ago and there is a new mini lin line coming out I think next month... Here are the older mini lin speedy's

  7. There so gorgeous!! And your dog is so cute picture perfect!!
  8. do you guys have pictures of the Mini Lin collection that is coming out next month....

  9. Thanks!!!
  10. If you have the chance to get a mini lin speedy, go for it. I missed my chance and have totally regretted it ever since :sad:
  11. I love Fendi and LV. I would pick LV in this case.
  12. My Mini Lin Speedy (the old release) :graucho:

  13. The old release Mini Lin. I used to have one but sold it during my "reduce the size of my collection" push. There are times when I regret letting it go! :shucks:
  14. I have one , Speedy Minilin Ebene !!! my best choice so far, it is so light and pretty.