Mini Lin Speedy!!

  1. i know there was a post a while back about the "sagging" of the bag. But to the ladies who own this bag- how do you like it overall? tell me some nice things about it so that i can quickly go purchase one. i have a speedy 25 and i think it's a little too stuffy (i carry my whole life).
  2. If you don't like the sagging, a cardboard at the bottom will solve that. ;)
  3. Thats the bag im carrying now. ANd i love it. ive been using it for two months straight. I love the sagging and it can hold so much. Go get it you will fall in love more than you probably are... Good luck keeps us posted.
  4. I have the mini lin in Dune, love it. it is so pretty and classy. I put a shoe box top on the bottom to keep the shape, works perfect. Dune is a great color, people are scared of it getting dirty . Get dune lol
  5. Oh get it the Mini Lin is so cute!
  6. The Mini Lin is really cute. You get the monogram but it's not so flashy and the fabric is very resistant. I also like how it's not too common.
  7. i have a cardboard bottom and a purseket. for the mini lin fabric, i prefer to have a bit of sagging on the sides, but not on the bottom, but for canvas bags (i.e: damier and monogram speedy), i prefer a highly structured bag.
  8. I adore the sag on the mini lin speedy and on all speedies in general, except the MC.

    sorry if my post wanst too helpful, but the sag in the mini lin is gorgeous IMO.
  9. i put a fedex envelope mailer thing in the bottom on mine and it fixes it perfectly. it gives a teeny tiny bit of sag so it doesnt look weird. you have to cut it to size though.
  10. My girlfriend has the mini lin, it is very soft and she love the sagging. But I normally put a cardboard in the speedy and it seems more structure. :p
  11. I put a manilla folder (the ivory color) in the bottom and it keeps the shape great and it also helps me find things inside better too.
  12. I covered a magazine :smile:

    [​IMG] Another sagging issue resolved. *reference*
    Another thought to preventing your speedy from sagging, BUT not too structured.




    [​IMG] so now its pretty in my handbag and light enough it helps me see too :biggrin:

  13. about how it's not too common- yes i totally agree!! half the reason why i want to get the mini lin is because i don't see fakers carrying them. i hate it when i go to my near by mall and i see moms, daughters, and their aunts and everyone carrying LV mono replicas and fakes.

    thanks ladies for your wonderful insights and i will def keep you all posted!! :smile:
  14. Me too! Something about the slight sag just suits the fabric of the bag, whereas with canvas, I expect it to be more rigid.