Mini Lin Speedy- which color?

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Which color Mini Lin?

  1. Dune

  2. Ebene

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. OOOOk- so most of you know that I have turned in several "handbags" to be a full fledged shoulder toter- yes- completely true! ;)

    Azur speedy 30- I will shamelessly admit I'm a label addict- this one lacked in this department- not enough LVs- it's just my honest opinion

    Mono Speedy 30---- I have no explanation for giving up this beauty- it's actually been haunting me... same as Azur.

    OOOOOOO--- I avoided the whole Mini Lin line because I thought it was a cloth material on the outside--- pinch me for not reading correctly..... or correct me if I'm wrong--- this is canvas right? Canvas as in--- mono canvas-- azur canvas....

    So-- what drew me into Azur was WHITE- I love WHITE! But what's drawing me into Ebene is it's similarity to regular Damier's ability to be bold and not scared of dirt or rain etc....

    so- which color? Dune or Ebene?

    oh :P I have to have at least ONE handbag--- I realized this soon after having nothing but shoulder bags. The rule of only shoulder bags is silly to me now- I need to give the "hand" bag another chance.
  2. Ebene
  3. dune! im planning on buying one myself for summer :smile: a little concerned about it getting dirty, though...
  4. I LOVE the Ebene SO much better! It goes w/ everything!
  5. I'm the hugest fan of the Mini lin line, and I already have the Dune, but I also plan on getting the ebene, so I'm no help. :smile:
  6. I believe that the Mini Lin fabric is cloth (part linen/cotton). It's not canvas like the Mono, Azur, and Damier lines.

    I vote for the ebene Mini Lin!!!
  7. another vote for the ebene!
  8. *hmph*

    so it IS cloth? *sigh* I'm guessing I'll have to pick ebene since I don't want it to get dirty..........
  9. ^--- this is what I get for not ever having the chance to go into a LV boutique.....

    and I SO REMEMBER seeing it when I went to Horton's Plaza (??) in San Diego............ like 8 years ago before I knew of LV......

    wow- I wonder how much I could have saved back then!! heehee
  10. I vote ebene for the dirtyness factor, but I have a mini mono bag in the cerise colour and it is fine. I carry it quite often and it doesn't look dirty, even though it is a cloth bag as well.
  11. ebene is classier looking IRL, the dune looks inattractive IMO
  12. i really love the look of the ebene, the color and the rich dark leather handles. I also like dune, but i would be hesitant due to its lightness, and i still like the look of ebene better.
  13. THANK YOU everybody!!!!

    just the idea of chocolate rolled handles..... niiiice!

    yeah- I think I've decided.............IDK tho' heehee....
  14. I love the dark color. It is so perfect. It does not show dirt and goes with everything.

  15. Thank you for the pic Springsteen fan!! heehee-