Mini Lin speedy question

  1. I'm thinking of getting a mini lin speedy next week and I'm wondering for those of you who have you still like it??? Does it hold up well?? TIA:smile:
  2. I am wanting the mini lin speedy too! I think the price is reasonable and it's such a gorgeous bag. Interested in reading some responses to your post!
  3. I absolutely :heart: mine! I've been carrying it since Christmas day...It is fabulous!
  4. I really love it. It is so light weight and the leather is great. It feels a little softer than vachetta.

    I don't have it long enough to tell if it holds up well, but we can talk about that in six months ;). My SA told me that I can always wipe it with a damp cloth and the fabric is scotchgarded.

    I'm not very much of a Monogram Canvas person (yet), but I totally fell in love with Mini Lin. I think is looks cute and you can dress it up or down.
  5. I've pretty much carried my Mini Lin Speedy constantly since October. It's held up beautifully. Has fallen on the floor, been in hockey bags, etc. and looks good. The one thing I would suggest is check before you buy for pulls and pills. The material will have some to start with, but no more will develop with use. In other words, buy one with the fewest pills and all is good. I love it so much, that if they were discontinuing it I would buy a spare to keep when this one eventually got old. :love:
  6. So good to hear this! I love that bag so much!
  7. I saw this bag last week IRL and fell in love with it!!!:love: Great bag! I may cave in and get one myself!!!!!!!! It's very pretty!:love:
  8. Has anyone snagged theirs. I would be afraid of catching the fabric. But I am thinking seriously about this bag.
  9. I just got mine last week w/a matching zippy wallet and I think the fabric is very hardy..will last forever IMO and the leather handles are so soft and such a pretty brown..I LOVE LOVE my new stuff:smile::smile: GET IT!!
  10. I am in the minority here....I really do love the look of the bag but it is not for me. I purchased one from Elux and sent it back. The bag I received had a few pulls and alot of pills. I was scared that it would only get worse. Also I noticed that my hair was sticking to the bag. I have blonde hair so it is noticable. I really do love the pattern and leather trim though. I wish they would put the leather from the mini lin on the damier speedy.
  11. So what is a pull or a pill?
  12. I too would love to have this bag; however, I have the same concerns as all of you. I also thought I read a thread/posts indicating discoloration with the fabric? Which makes sense as it is linen/cotton in dark color - I'm certain it would fade in time???:s
  13. whoaaaa....I wonder if it would fade??? Is it comparable to the gucci fabric bags?? Because I think they hold up pretty well and dont seem to fade.
  14. i LOVE mine.. I swear, I've never gotten so many compliments on a bag as I have on this, from random people and friends/family
  15. I have this bag...been using it for almost 3 months. Its very durable. Still looks the same as the day i got it. Re the pulls or pills, its linen & linen naturally has that. It will not get worse, longer, grow or multiply. It doesnt snag either. You can always look at few speedies and get the one with the least pulls/pills (thats what i did) mine only has 2. But i think that gives character to the bag, it shows that its real linen. I havent had issues with fading or anything like that. Its so low maintenance...I LOVE it!!!!:love: