Mini Lin speedy question

  1. any one have one?? Do you guys like it?? Can't decide if I like it or not. Wonder how it holds up..seems like it would get dirty fast???
  2. I love it.. have not worn it much-- only 2 times but its great.
  3. I have one and I love it...It doesn't get dirty fast but you have to be careful when toting it around because the material is very soft and can easily get pulls.
  4. i like it alot, i stuffed my shoes, books, everything in there and it held up fine. and i tried pulling on the handles like a maniac the first day i got it to see if it'll rip, so i can return it if it does, and it didn't. I like torturing my bags. =)
  5. I love it! Plan on adding it to my collection eventually!!
  6. i love it too!
    sometimes i get a bit careless with my bags and i've found it to be quite durable!
  7. Absolutely adore it
  8. I seen a girl carry it last weerk and :nuts: it was so beautiful, I couldn't even stop staring! ooh one day
  9. I LOVE the bag but I ended up returning mine to Elux about 2 weeks ago b/c it was just too big for me. I'm hoping that a 25 is on the horizon sometime soon....
  10. I love it, I never thought I would love it that much. Hubby got great eyes and taste I guess. It's durable. Before I wished it came in 25 but now I am loving the size. If fits tons...