Mini Lin Speedy Q - why does it fold in?

  1. I have a Mini Lin Speedy in Ebene, which I LOVE - but it's starting to drive me CRAZY because the sides seem to fold in when I carry it, and it completely loses its shape and ends up looking like a wet rag on handles! Does this happen to anyone else? :cursing:
  2. It is b/c it is fabric - try using a Purseket inside
  3. Yes, use a purseket. I bought one for my patchwork speedy and it solved that problem.
  4. oh ok, i thought maybe there was something wrong with it...thanks!
  5. I have a base shaper that I bought off eBay which completely keeps the shape of the botom, but your still going to get a little hang around the handles just because of the fabric material.
  6. I use an open DVD case in the bottom - it's the perfect size and gives the bag the perfect amount of rigidity!