Mini Lin Speedy Price?

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm going into the city on Sunday and am considering buying the mini lin ebene speedy. On the LV website it is listed under the mini line croisette cruise collection and both the 2 cruise colors and the ebene are listed as $750. The other day I checked and they were listed at about $800 or so? Then on the eluxury website the mini lin ebene speedy is listed separate because they do not have the cruise collection available and the price says $675.. does anyone have an explanation as to why it's listed as 2 different prices? Help! I don't wanna get screwed if I buy it! haha.

    Also, how much are the speedies from the cruise collection? Thanks in advance!!! :flowers:
  2. Huh, that's strange! Last I checked, it was still $675!
  3. Mini lin speedy is 675. If you add mini lin speedy ebene into ur Louis Vuitton shopping chart, the price will adjust to 675. But the weird thing is, the croisette speedy should be 805. LV decrease the price to 750??? :confused1:

  4. I'm not sure! That's why I'm so confused- but if it's $750 maybe I will get that instead.....:tup:
  5. ebene mini lin speedy is $675 - it's on elux. I also had asked why their was a difference in price for the ebene mini lin speedy and the new cruise speedys. LV wasn't sure but I think the Cruise Speedys are just more than the ebene mini lin. But, ebene mini lin is definately $675.

  6. I see-- thanks peace43!
  7. I noticed that price decrease too on the LV website and was wondering the same thing. The price on the croissette mini lins went from $805 to being listed at $750. I wonder if anyone bought it for $805???
  8. The Ebene and Dune are $675

  9. price decreases are great unless you bought before the decrease! Like my batignolles which I bought before the price was lowered! I wasn't happy at all!!!
    The lower price for the speedy is right.

  10. that really stinks! I would be angry! I wonder what would cause them to decrease the price? Strange! Thanks everyone!
  11. I'm pretty sure that the Mini Lin Croissette is 750$, in the US and in Canada - my friends just went to Vegas and came back with TWO of the croissettes and they paid 750$