Mini Lin Speedy: pilling, balls on fabric...

  1. Hi everyone with a Mini Lin Speedy!

    How much "pilling" or little "balls" of fabric or "linen scratches" did your Mini Lin come with?? Or did you get any pilling or scratches after you used it, and how much do you have??

    I noticed a big "ball" on mine, several little pilling balls, and some minor "lines" in the linen....Is this normal??? Help!!

    Also if you have pics that would be so helpful to everyone for reference material...thanks!!:tup:
  2. Hi

    Here is difference (ie piling, linen lines) from when the first I bought in 2006,..except the fabric seems to look older..I use my mini lin speedy at least once a week.

    I recently gave it a baby wipe clean all over and it looks better --cleaned.

    Hope everything is ok with yours;)
    Minilin ebene.jpg