Mini Lin Speedy owners..did your bag

  1. come with a cardboard thingie inside w/ a line across the top which said 39 on it?? If you ordered it from elux did the handles have plastic on them too?? just wondering..the cardboard thing w/the 39 on it is throwing me off a little..TIA
  2. ^ I don't know what you mean with the cardboard..anytime I bought speedy, I found triangle shape cardboard to keep the speedy in shape.I didn't see any number plus I don't think I paid's just stuffer..
  3. I know what you mean, yes mine was like that too
  4. My Miroir Speedys also came with something similar (not sure if it was the same number) and I got them from the boutique.
  5. No! but i did have plastic on my handles when i got it.
  6. My bags came with a cardboard insert to keep the shape of the bags and thin tab inserts under the handles.
  7. my saleya came w/cardboard in it.