mini lin speedy or damier speedy?

  1. :confused1: damier or mini lin speedy?? okay, so i have been waiting forever to get an azur speedy, wth:cursing: .. I hate waiting, but i reallly love :heart:azur speedy:heart: ... For now Im gonna cheat on her while waiting...(lolz:roflmfao: ) ... Which one is better? WHich one should I get?? :push: damier or mini lin speedy??? I am sooo confused right now...opinions..TIA
  2. I love the Damier Speedy - thats my vote. Only because you can have it for a long time, and will always look great, and timeless. I'm not saying Mini Lin isn't timeless, but you know what I mean about Damier, and hey, you will have the twin of your Azur Speedy. :smile:
  3. Damier Speedy (in the same size as the Azur speedy).
  4. Mini Lin. I think it looks classier and more feminine. Perhaps you could rather get some small damier accessoires for the azur speedy?
  5. which one is more casual?? :smile:
  6. I have same situation...I can't wait for Azur, so I get me a Mono speedy. And now I want a Damier speedy 25. Dang Azur made me spending more money. (I hate you and I love you, Azur)
  7. :rolleyes: damier pochette is soooo cute urhh... if only i could get both speedys :sad: ..
  8. lolz:roflmfao: we are totally on the same situation:push: .. lolz azur also made me spend so much (I bought 2 watches already).. i hate and also LOVE azur lolz... i already have a mono now just to satisfy my needs... I will be getting either the mini lin or damier while waiting ughh:cursing: .. still confused...
  9. I don't care for the mini lin - The regular Damier or monogram is much prettier to me. We have a couple of old ladies at the church who carry the mini lin and I can't get that picture out of my mind (LOL!) - I also would worry about staining since you can't wipe it off like the coated canvas) and pilling of the fabric - or catching it going through a door or something.
  10. Isen't the mini lin treated?

    You can wipe off stuff of f.ex the antigua and damier geant just as easy as coated canvas (unless it's really old I guess and the treatment wears off), and my antigua actually resists water and dirt stains better than my monogram keepall at the moment.
  11. I don't know if it's treated in any way or not - the canvas isn't coated though, so I doubt water would run off, but I may be wrong. I do know it's cloth, so if you catch it on something (which I do all the time), I'm afraid it might snag.
  12. I have seen several women (young to mid late thirties) carrying the mini lin here:nuts: ....just shopping around the mall, grocery store, even at my daughters school fair!!! Its absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE mine!!!!:love: :love: :love:

    Im also waiting for the Azur Speedy:crybaby:
  13. I always say i love my damier 25... and since you're getting the azur... why not get the mini lin first and then get the normal damier later? hehehe... should never ask me questions like this!
  14. Mini lin!!! :yes:
  15. I have the mini lin and I love it and do not feel the least bit old-ladyish either! It is very saggy though and I think the damier would be much stiffer (at least at first) so you might take that into consideration.

    A little OT but everyone and their monkey seems to have a mono speedy. I can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting one. Why is that?