Mini Lin Speedy or Black MC Priscilla


What to do?

  1. sell the Mini Lin, save up for the dream Priscilla!

  2. forget the Priscilla :(, keep the Mini Lin

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  1. Okay guys, sorry for all the polls lately...but I've been debating whether or not to sell my Ebene Mini Lin Speedy in order to help fund one of my dream bags, the MC Priscilla in black. I honestly cannot make up my mind!:cursing: I usually don't go for Mono, let alone MC, but there is just something about that bag that makes me :drool:. So what do you think?
  2. Might I add that I have 3 other speedies (Mono 25, Damier 25, Cerises 25)...if that helps at all...
  3. How badly would you miss your Mini Lin? How long to wait until you actually get the Priscilla? I think if you REALLY want your dream bag, do what you must to get it......!!!!!!!! lol....
  4. It's funny that you mention Priscilla, I don't see too many posts on her and she has been one of my dream bags too! I ADORE the black MC Priscilla, fab bag... but, I also have the mini lin ebene, and I would have a really hard time giving that one up. They are both so different and would be used for different occasions, I would think. Sorry, I'm no help in this. I would have to have both... why I'm in trouble and on a
  5. keep the mini lin and still save for the priscilla ... if you have you have to have both!
  6. PRISCILLA....its also my dream bag but in white MC lol :smile:
  7. If the Priscilla is your dream bag, get it.
  8. I do love the Mini Lin, but I have a total of 4 speedies, and I use them pretty equally...I do think the ML is a bit more relaxed and casual than the others. I don't, however, think it will last a long, and that's kind of throwing me for a loop...I'm SO BAD at making decisions.
  9. I say keep the mini and just save for the priscilla.
    If you decide after getting the mc you dont like the mini sell it.
  10. I'd be more apt to sell the mono speedy and keep the mini lin.
  11. Keep the mini lin and save for the priscilla.....I'm personally not a fan of the priscilla, but if you love it, go for it!
  12. If I were you, I'd save up for the Priscilla even if that means selling another bag. The Priscilla is your dream bag!
  13. I would definitely sell the mini lin speedy in ebene and then save up for the priscilla! You have 4 speedies already but no dream bag yet!
  14. Get your dream bag!
  15. black MC Priscilla............